Monday, November 8, 2010

Massive NB Warning

As I sat around and fondled the internet with my knob and roller, I decided to gander at what comics are suppose to be out Wednesday and I was very pleased to see that Thanos Imperative #6 should be coming. This is the big finale to writers Abnett and Lanning's amazing cosmic run spanning over four years and more than 110 issues total! As sad as I am to see who dies and how it all comes to an end, I am also super stoked to see what happens. These writers (with the help of a few others over the years, including the great start to everything by Keith Giffen) have made me love characters that five years ago were considered shitty and detrimental to any book they were in. By far,these have been one of Marvel's top two or three series' over the years and it's a shame sales never picked up enough to keep them going.
Good bye Annihilation. Good bye Nova. Good bye Guardians of the Galaxy. Good bye Thanos Imperative. Hello Massive NB that shall follow you all for many, many hours. I may have to contact my physician.

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