Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NB of the Week

Chaos War #3
Thanks to Amadeus Cho, Hercules has returned from the dead, more powerful then ever before and he comes with a message: The Chaos King is coming and he will destroy all of reality! Hercules gathers every hero he can to stop him, giving out a piece of his godpower to all so they may stand a chance. What he didn't count on though, was Mikaboshi (the Chaos King) having an army of fallen gods under his control, including Herc's brother Ares and father Zeus. It is with Zeus, though, that the NB first takes place (yes, there were multiple NBs this issue). As Zeus stands before the mighty Hercules, lightning bolt in hand, he says:
"Do not weep, my son. You have done all you could."
"You don't understand, father. I weep for what I have yet to do."
And with that, Hercules unleashed power Zeus never even saw coming. Not only freeing him from the control of Mikaboshi, Hercules also killed his father, as Zeus knew one of his children would do eventually, as he did his father. With his dying words, Zeus tells Hercules that he will need "every all-father of Earth" in order to defeat the Chaos King. Enraged, Hercules uses his new godpower to reveal the all-father's location only to find that Mikaboshi used him and Zeus for this very purpose. With access to them all, he can open to portals to all realms, thus destroying all of reality. And as if things didn't look bleak enough, we find out that the one who killed Hercules to begin with, is also helping Mikaboshi: Hercules' own sister, Athena!
This book is great. Over the last few years, Hercules has gone from Avenger c-lister to a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe. This character and his books deserve much more recognition then what they've been getting and you can count me on board for whatever they plan on doing with him after this mini is over.

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