Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Approve

For whatever reason, I have started watching a group of new tv shows and the latest one is Breaking Bad. I've heard some very good things about this show and Bryan Cranston has won the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama for three strait years, which is every season the show has been on.
For those that haven't heard of it, Breaking Bad follows a chemistry teacher who, after finding out he has cancer with just years to live (at most), "wakes up" to the world and decides to use his knowledge to start making meth (along with a former student of his) to help pay for all the medical bills.
I'm just one episode into it and I can already see why Bryan Cranston has gotten so much praise for it. Huge step up from the idiot, goof father from Malcolm in the Middle and it's much deserved. I can't say that this show will be amazing every step of the way, but if this episode is any indication, I'm in for a fun ride. Not the show for everyone, but I'm on board.
I Approve.

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