Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NB of the Week

Thanos Imperative #6
As stated on Monday, I was very much looking forward to this issue. I was expecting some big changes and some big surprises with how they were going to end it all but I never expected to be so sad. As nerdy as it is and as much as you can make fun of me for it, let me explain and talk about the issue.
As Thanos turned traitor on our Guardians and gave himself to Mar-Vell and the Cancerverse, the issue begins with Mar-Vell "killing" the Avatar of Death. As this happens, Nova finally arrives to the Cancerverse, freeing the others from the The Many-Angled Ones, who don't seem to care because once Thanos is dead, it won't matter. Only Mar-Vell didn't fully plan ahead. In "killing" Thanos, he has brought forth the regular universe's Death to the Cancerverse, where there is no Death. And with that, The Many-Angled Ones, Cancerverse Mar-Vell and his Revengers are destroyed, facing the death they should have met long ago. Along with their destruction, the Fault (the opening between the universes) begins to collapse in on itself. Back in the Cancerverse, as our heroes ready to teleport out, Thanos begins begging for his Mistress Death to kill him so that they can be together once more. And she just turns her back on him and leaves. Outraged, Thanos blames Star-Lord and vows to destroy everything and everyone until Death comes for him again. As a final stand against him and to keep him from leaving the Cancerverse, Nova and Star-Lord stay behind, much to the shock and disbelief of the other Guardians. We are left with them charging into another battle and these final words:
Nova: I remember you said to me once, you said "If death ever comes your way and won't let you pass, make sure you scream right back in his face."
Star-Lord: I said that?
Nova: You did.
Star-Lord: Rich, you really shouldn't trust anything I say. Most of the time, I just make stuff up."
Nova: I know. Let's just scream in his face anyway.
And with that, two of Marvel's coolest characters sacrificed themselves to keep Thanos from coming back. One of my favorite moments from this year out of any comics.
I know you guys won't really get it as much as I do, but that's because I've been following all these characters from the start. They became some of the best characters Marvel had out and some of the most humanized too. These two were the leaders of it all from Jump Street and it's very fitting, albeit very sad that they are the ones to go out fighting. I very much hope that Marvel can find a smart way to eventually bring them back but I say let them stay out for a while until Abnett and Lanning can find that way.
(and yes, in another two and a half hours, I will need to call my doctor)

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