Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NB of the Week

Green Lantern #59 (If Ken is reading this, stop. I spoil the issue)
It was a semi-emotional week in my comics and before Lantern, I thought I was gonna have to act all human with them. And Calling one of those moments my NB was gonna be weird.
First, in Superman #705, we have part four of Grounded which has Superman walking across the country in an attempt to reconnect with with humanity. In this issue, a little boy hears that Supes is heading their way in Chicago and hopes that he can help him and his mother with his abusive father. As the boy is thrown down the stairs after he tried to help his mother, he lays at the bottom with a final cry for help from Superman. After taking the father to the cops, he hands the little boy a phone number and says to call it every day for as long as he needs and if there's ever a day he doesn't hear from him, "There will be consequences." Pretty good issue and there's always a soft spot for kids in trouble in me, even though I like to force 'em to make my cloths.
Next, In Superior #2 (remember, it's pretty much the movie Big but with him getting super powers), Ollie and his best friend Jonah learn just what powers he not has and how far they can be stretched. Pretty awesome issue with a great couple of pages where he tries out his strength. He is trying to pull a bunch of train cars and when he doesn't think he can, we see all these flashes of the hardships he has had with MS and how hard life has been and yet how he has worked to overcome them, showing that he was strong before this and he will be strong after it too. It sounds cheesy when I say this aloud but it was a very well handled connection and one of the few "emotional" writings Mark Millar (to my knowledge) has done.
But onto the real NB. Flash confronts Hal about his teaming with Sinestro and Atrocitis as they are both murderers Hal tries to convince him of the greater good it has to be for but Barry isn't having any of it. As they argue, the Indigo Tribe arrives with both Black Hand (now one of their members) and the new host for their entity Proselyte. As Jordan argues that they have just brainwashed Black Hand, everyone is on edge and ready to fight when the "Mystery Midget" shows up with Parallax and it bonds with Barry Allen! Last page is a sweet Flash/Parallax shot. Even though we know this isn't going to last long, it was still pretty bad-ass. I love what Johns has done with the Lantern mytho and his great stories just keep coming every month. Easily one of the best books month in and month out.
(and on a little note, that is the variant cover to the issue so don't go looking for it cuz you won't find it around here)

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