Monday, September 6, 2010

Clif-Notes: The Hunger Games

When I stole CliffsNotes, It was with the intent to give my thoughts on things I watched, heard, listened to or whatever the media may be. Just so happens I usually only watch movies. So here's my first Clif-Notes Book

While in Seattle, I knew I had a long drive back so I stopped over to a Barnes&Noble and decided to give the new paperback of The Hunger Games a try. If it sucked, I could hide that I had ever read it, so I really had nothing to lose.

In case you have never heard of it (or are a single, strait man), The Hunger Games is a story that takes place in an America where an "evil government" rules all, and it's divided into twelve districts. There was first thirteen, but when District 13 tried to rebel, they were all "dealt with", 13 was no more and the other 12 are now forced to part take in The Hunger Games as a reminder. One boy and one girl from each district are thrown into a "last man standing" battle royale with the others, with the winner taking food, money and all that jazz back with them to their district.

Set-up over.

Katniss from District 12 volunteers to take her 12 year-old sister's place after she is chosen and it's up to her take survive the killings and make it back to her sister, mom and best (male)friend, Cale.

I was attracted to this book pretty much because of the Japanese book Battle Royale, which is really the same kinda premise. By books end, I will admit that I actually liked the book, which is really sad. Katniss did nothing this whole book. She ran through the trees, knocked a bee's nest on some guys, knocked some apples on some explosions, ran through more trees, won the games and sorta fell in love with a dude along the way. She did shoot a guy in the neck but that was really it. But I still liked. I will actually end up reading the last two for some reason. And it's a quick read too so if anybody has a couple of free days, I would recommend giving it a try.


  1. It's true, Katniss dosen't do a darn thing in any of the books but I still really enjoyed them.

  2. I'm told the books get better, which would be nice, but I sadly would read them even if they stayed the same.