Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NB of the Week

Powers #6
Brian Michael Bendis' name first became know to me in 2000 when I was introduced to the then Image title Powers; a book about the cops and crime surrounding the super-powered people of the city and the effects of said people. Awesome stuff. Been awesome since the get-go and I still love this book. Two relaunches and 75 issues later, it's still holding steam.
We start this new story-line with Detective Walker (former and now again super-powered cop, though people don't know his powers are back) and his newest partner Enki Sunrise coming across a death scene involving what they think is a wolf-man, though it turns out he was just a furry (you should look it up if you are unaware of what it refers to. Much funny banter later, we close the book off with another murder of one of the Goldens (immortal super-beings who claim to be Gods. You can see why one being killed would set off alarms). At the crime scene and in the last page, we get the surprise introduction of the FBI agent taking over and it's none other than Walker's old and first partner Deena Pilgrim.
Ya see, Pilgrim was the star of the title for years with Walker, with many fights and rocky situations between the two. After a few murder suspicions and accusations gone wrong, Pilgrim found herself tangled up in a weird case where powers were being transferred like STD's, in which she was given some. Everything went to Hell and she ended up running off, coming and going a few times. Which is where the new partner Sunrise came in. To have her show up suddenly to a case Walker is working with an FBI badge was ridiculous! I'm super stoked to see where Bendis is going with this. It's a sweet book and y'all should read it.

-And as a side bonus, the new Green Arrow came out and the cover is amazing. This guys has made all 4 covers of Arrow worthy of framing.

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