Friday, October 1, 2010

Clif-Notes: Case 39 & Let Me In

Case 39
Renee Zellweger sucks. Bradley Cooper wasn't in it long enough. The movie was shit.

Let Me In
I remember finishing watching the Swedish movie Let The Riught One In and thinking "what the hell was the point?". It looked great and had great acting. The atmosphere and mood was dark and grim and that was great. I just didn't really get the story. So when an American version was lit, I was a little skeptical. Then the trailers came out and I was intrigued. It looked like it had potential. Come 3:30 in the morning, when I finished watching it, my thought was "Oh. So that was the point."
This movie was pretty awesome. It was able to capture the same dark feel that the original produced and it was even able to explain things to me better. And I hate vampires. This movie moved beyond the cliched vampire story and into one of friendship and love, which was a pretty amazing feat in my mind. One of the best compliments I can give it, is that it makes me want to watch the original again, if only to see if I can pull the same outcome.
I would recommend seeing this one if the premise intrigues you (duh). It is very much a genre movie and I don't see it opening the eyes to movie-goers everywhere about how amazing these movies can be. But it was definitely worth watching.


  1. Let Me In looks really creepy and atmospheric, but the film nerd in me feels like I should see the Swedish movie first. Damn film nerd...

  2. I actually didn't much like the original but I wanna re-watch it after seeing this one. And it;s on netflix instant watch so it (sorta)free.