Monday, October 4, 2010

I Start a Feud with Adam

Zack Snyder has been grabbed as the new director of the new Superman movie and Adam does not think him fit for the helm. And I disagree with him.
As much as Snyder may bring a new "feel" to a Superman movie, I highly doubt that it will turn into just another Batman. First and foremost, David Goyer and Christopher Nolan on story will be amazing. These guys know their comics, not to mention that Goyer has history writing for DC (and writing with Geoff Johns over there) and Nolan is smart enough to know that a Batman movie will not work for a Superman movie. Almost any director aside (except Tim Burton), this movie should have a great story.
Throw in Snyder and I already have an NB for it. I may have a little different view because I have seen Snyder's Legend of the Guardians, but this man can direct a movie. 300. Watchmen. Sucker Punch. Dawn of the Dead. Whatever. This man has an amazing eye for movement and action and Superman may just be a perfect match. As much as I liked Superman Returns, they want something different. They want something that fits today's world and not that of 1978 and Snyder just may be the one to help do it.
And there's no way it could be a worse choice than Darren Aronofsky.


  1. As long as it is not a sequel/ remake of Donner's Superman. I want a superman movie that is not the entire movie an origin story and not have Lex Luther as the villain.

  2. There's no feud, man. I hope it works. I really do. I just have doubts. And more than anything I'm worried about interference from the studio.

  3. I agree with Sarah. Hopefully they don't start by shooting themselves in the foot.

  4. Adam and I are no longer talking, we have insulted each others mother many time over and we currently have restraining orders in the process of being official.
    Superman rules.