Thursday, October 14, 2010

Comic Book ReCap

Ultimate X-Men vol. 5 - Ultimate War 1-4
After the ending of Hellfire and Brimstone, things only get worse for the X-Men. As a "prelude" to the next storyline, Ultimate War has The Ultimates going after the X-Men for the crime of terrorism. After finding out that Magneto is not dead, not only does the government consider Xavier and his X-Men collaborators with the Brotherhood but they have Intel that also says they have went into hiding (and only the guilty go hiding, right?). In the last story, Wolverine, Cyclops and a stowaway Kitty Pryde went to the Savage Land looking for the Brotherhood only to be "blown up" and us left with a cliffhanger. This mini brought Wolverine and Kitty back, but they claim Mr. Summers has killed in the blast and they couldn't find his body (which we all know can't be what happened). By story's end, Iceman returns to the X-Men (after nearly being killed by Proteus and being pulled out of Xavier's by his parents who then tried to sue...) and freezes almost everything, giving the X-Men a chance to escape. However, Xavier stays behind to be taken into the Ultimates' custody, trying to show he has nothing to hide and is not in league with the Brotherhood.
As well written and as much fun as this mini was, it felt like they took an issue of set-up and spread it out into a four-issue mini just for the sales. Though, bringing Iceman back, setting up Cyclops' "death" and giving Xavier to the Ultimates are pretty big deals, they were all "small" scenes in the mini and it really could have been just one issue. I liked it though. Millar is a great writer and as much as he's not every one's favorite, I really enjoy Chris Bachalo's art. Good beginning to what will hopefully be a great ending to Mark Millar's run
Up next: the eight part Return of the King.

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