Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Only Good Gambit is Now a Dead Gambit

Anyone who knows me and the X-Men knows that I hate Gambit. I actually think he's a pretty cool character but he's never use for anything worth a damn except for "I love Rogue but she can't touch me" and it's complete crap.
However, a few weeks ago my friend Derek got the trade for Ultimate X-Men where they bring in Ultimate Cable which (hope it's not a spoiler) turns out to be a future Wolverine. Pretty cool story and take and in talking to him about it, it made me want to go back and reread my run of Ultimate X-Men. Come issue 13, enter Ultimate Gambit. A street performer who uses his charging powers to woo the women. Howver, after a little girl watches her parents murder and is on the run from the guy who did it, he becomes her protector. While sleeping in an abondonded subway car, Gambit wakes to find her missing.

Needless to say, he's not to happy with it and the street urchin goes hunting, making sure anyone who tries to stop him pays. Finally coming up on the villianous Hammerhead, he takes care of business the only way he knows how.

And I have to ask why can't he be this cool in the real x-books? This Gambit in two issues showed more character and heart then they ever gave him in the 20 years he's been around. My suggestion is that Marvel start taking their own ideas and change him. If only so I can like him.

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  1. Does Gambit wear a rubber trench coat to keep himself insulated? He He He!!