Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NB of the Week

The Thanos Imperative #5 (of 6)
The Big New York Comic Con was this weekend and I came across this little blurb. A fan asked Marvel how come they were even considering taking the cosmic characters off of the table to which they replied:
"When you see how Thanos Imperative ends, it would be impossible to have [Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy] going on. When this ends, you'll see who's left standing. We've advertised this as the end of the Marvel Cosmic Universe as you know it, and that's the truth."
As timing has it, the second to last issue of this mini was then released four days later and once again it knocked my socks off. As I have said before, the Cancerverse is trying to take over everything but they can't do it unless they can take out the Avatar of Death, Thanos, who has joined forces with the heroes trying to stop them.
Everything is laid out on the table here. Nova goes into the Cancerverse to join the last battle against the Revengers, Thanos makes his move and reveals his big plans (that mother-flarker!) and everything looks bleak for the good-guys. I am simultaneously saddened that this is all coming to an end while excited to see what is going to happen and who makes it out. This book has been one of the best books out there for it's whole duration and I think it may be one of, if not the best story of the year. If you can read everything from Annihilation on, amazing. Do it. If you want to start with Thanos Imperative, go right ahead. Things are always better when taken with the whole picture, but I don't see how you can read this book and not be impressed at how bad-ass they make these "c-list" characters. This is grade-a writing and you would be stupid to miss it.

-And as a great runner-up, Mark Millar's new Superior. Imagine Tom Hanks in Big, only with multiple sclerosis and then super-powers when he grows. And a space monkey. Awesome book and it will probably be another movie just like Kick-Ass and Nemesis.

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