Saturday, October 16, 2010

Comic Book Recap

Ultimate X-Men vol. 8 - New Mutants
First, I need to say I find it a little depressing how much free time I have had these last few days and how I almost wish I wasn't using it to read comics instead of something important. I mean, are any of you really reading these? I suppose most people tune me out when I talk so blogging shouldn't really be much different. But I at least get to get crap off my mind so you will take. You will take it and you will like it.

New Mutants begins with exactly what you think it would. The first issue brings in Warren Worthington aka Angel and all the religious fanatics that you would think follow that as a real angel. Not much happened though. Second issue, however, brings on a young mutant whose powers manifested over night. Unfortunately his power is to radiate lethal poison. He wakes to find his mother dead and as soon as he gets to school, all his classmates die too. A bit later, Wolverine finds him in a cave and does what he does best and what the kid asks him to do: he kills him. Which also leads into the bigger story. Members of the administration think the presidents new, pro-mutant stance is because Xavier is in his mind, which is also why they sent the mercenaries after Wolverine in the last story. To keep with his pro-stance but to separate him from Xavier, they put together their own mutant team who try to advocate tolerance and not violence towards humans and mutants. The team, led by former Xavier student and lover Emma Frost, consists of X-Men defunct Beast, rock star Dazzler, mind possessing Karma and Cyclops' own brother Havok. Fury and the X-Men know this is all a stage, though, for those "none believers" in the White House to force a divide. As Miss Frost addresses the public with the president, sentinels attack, leaving her and her untrained team like deer in the headlights. Thankfully the X-Men are there to stop the attack, but not without casualty. Beast is caught under the rubble and killed. Fury (now with proof) arrests the party responsible and Emma, Dazzler and Havok join the X-Men.

Bendis really ended his run well. As much as the first story felt strung-out and almost pointless, you really see the big picture he was getting us to by the end. A fantastic read. And Finch's art was amazing. It's a shame this guy only got twelve issues to strut his stuff cuz he's great. Though I have no plans to buy it, I really look forward to seeing his art on the new Batman book, The Dark Knight.

Next Up: Y: The Last Man writer Brian K. Vaughn takes over writing in The Tempest

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