Friday, October 15, 2010

Comic Book ReCap

Ultimate X-Men vol. 7 - Blockbuster
I couldn't sleep last night so at about 2 in the morning I pulled out the next story and gave it a whirl. The Best thing about this comic is also probably it's biggest flaw.

Blockbuster sees Wolverine on the run from some sort of mercenary team who are trying to kill him. Along with Bendis coming over for the writing, so does his biggest name of Ultimate Spider-Man come over for a team-up. And Daredevil. Cuz wolverine isn't smart or tough enough to do it himself apparently. Through much running, stabbing, swinging, shooting and more running, turns out some government higher-up didn't like the fact that Wolverine was able to end the Weapon X program so they sent a team in to get revenge and kill him.... That's pretty mush all that happened. And the chick in charge kills herself before he can get any answers. And Jean Totally Phoenix-es out on some military dudes, killing 'em.

I love me some Brian Michael Bendis. Yes he gets wordy and does a lot of dialogue. But the best part of his writing is his dialogue. The man has a knack for writing it almost exactly how it would be said in real life. His dialogue is crisp and fluid and it makes it very easy to read. Which is the bad part. I read six issues of talking and guns going off and it really went nowhere. It didn't have enough story in to make a great six issues and it should have been maybe three. That was my main and pretty much only problem. David Finch's art was amazing as always. Bendis' writing was amazing as always. Just not much actual story. A really good filler that could go pretty much anywhere in the title's continuity

Next Up: more Bendis and Finch in New Mutants
(And yes, you are seeing correctly. Wolverine has been on all seven trade covers so far. That's what happens when you make as much money as he does)

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