Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NB of the Week

Ultimate Thor #1
Overall, this week didn't really have that one book that blew me away. A good group of good comics, but nothing amazing. Which made this week's NB not as NB-tastic as the others. But I suppose it's all relative.
Anyway, in the Ultimate Thor mini from Marvel, we get a history of the mysterious Thor figure that appeared out of nowhere. Originally, he was believed to be nothing more than a crazy dude who stole some technology from the lab he was a janitor for. We later came to find out that was all a ruse that his half-brother Loki played on the world. We now get some insight into that "crazy person" and how that all came to be set-up. As Thor is in a cell on England, psychiatrist Donald Blake is brought in to see if he can find the problem this "Thorlief Golmen" is having. The following dialogue is pretty awesome:
"It is not delusion or madness you'll find here, doctor, but purpose and destiny. Professor Braddock will have told you that I am Thorlief Golmen- -this is incorrect. I am Thor, God of Thunder... And I will be called the name my father gave me."
Thor in any universe is spelled with a "bad" and spelled with an "ass".

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