Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NB of the Week

Captain America #611
Just as Bucky starts to live with be Captain America while having Steve back, all Hell breaks lose. As always, Baron Zemo is a schmuck and wants to ruin Cap. After trying to do it physically to him, he decides its time to kill his character and Zemo releases evidence to all of Cap's history as the Winter Soldier and the murders he committed. As Steve tries his best to convince the government that he was under mind-control and it wasn't his fault, Cap does what Cap does and goes out to fight the bad guys. And what better bad guys then a group of neo-nazis? As he jumps through the skylight of a warehouse filled with banners and skinheads, his inner-monologue says it all:
"Steve says I can't let the media #@$%-storm get in the way of doing my job -- and maybe he's right. But in my heart I know I'm just trying to accomplish some good while I still have the job.
But there's one other thing I know...
Taking out guys wearing swastikas never gets old."
Hells yeah! In the end, Cap turns himself over, knowing it's the right think to do but when the morale is down and The Dream is in question, nothing kicks more ass then Captain America kicking Nazi ass!

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