Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NB of the Week

Brightest Day #10
By the end of Blackest Night, 13 people had been brought back from the dead and (we're told)for very specific reasons. The 26 issue, bi-weekly series Brightest Day is telling us why and the bigger picture that it all represents.
NB of the Week comes courtesy of Aquaman. I like Aquaman but he hasn't been used in anything kind of "heroic" light for a very long time and I'm hoping this brings him into it. Aquaman has come to find out not only that Mera was originally sent to kill him, but that Black Manta has a son who is the key to the war between land and water. Now he has to find this new "Aqualad" before Manta can. As his adoptive father tries to take him to safety and explain things, Jackson Hyde is attacked by Manta. Wielding some nice and fancy water powers, he's able to hold him off for a bit but he's no match for Manta's long history of violence. After claiming "He is nothing but another man I have killed", Manta shoots one of his mini harpoons at the face of Jackson's father only to have a green, gloved hand reach out and grab it just before it hits.
"Manta." he says as he snaps the projectile in his hand. "I've been waiting for this"
Welcome home, King of the Seas. It's good to have ya back.

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