Thursday, September 9, 2010

NB of the Week

We all know I do my weekly comics and that it pretty much runs my life, so here's a new, weekly thing that will let you know what I'm really diggin' each batch. Let's see how long it goes before I start forgetting to do it.

Let's try a "quick" recap of the years before this so that you can sorta be up to date:

2006 - Annihilation: Old-school FF baddie Annihilus wants to destroy everything and everyone to make more room for his domain of the negative zone. He powers the Annihilation Wave by syphoning power from Galactus, whom he has imprisoned. Races and Empires are obliterated, including all the Nova Corps members (except Earth's Richard Rider) and their home world of Xandar. Drax the Destroyer (essentially the Avatar of Life) kills Thanos (the Avatar of Death). By end, Galactus resumes his power to stop the Wave, and Nova rips out Annihilus' innards, killing him. Ronan the Accuser becomes the new leader of the Kree after the Supreme Intelligence is killed.

2007 - Nova gets his own series, dealing with being the only one to deal with and contain the Worldmind; the "being" that every member of the Corps got their powers from.

2007-08 - Annihilation Conquest: With space in full rebuild mode, everyone is playing nice and trying to make something outta the mess left behind. Perfect opportunity for the Phalanx to come back and take over. Peter Quill, now called Star-Lord once again (old-school reference), puts a rag-tag group together to help, Nova brings in another recruit to the Corps only to have her die, Phyla-Vell (daughter of Mar-Vell/Captain Marvel) is now the new Quasar after the first one died in the first Annihilation, along with Ronan all go after the Phalanx and find out that Ultron is the real master-mind behind them, having taken control of the Phalanx. Adam Worlock is reborn once again and helps stop the invasion, and helps pave the way for...

2008 - The Guardians of the Galaxy are reformed with members Star-Lord, Drax, Phyla, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Groot, Major Victory from the original Guardians and Adam Warlock. They help protect the cosmos along with Nova who still has his book.

2009 - War of Kings: A lot of egos come out and everyone thinks they should be the higher power over everyone else. Third Summers brother and new Emperor of the Shi'ar, Vulcan and King of the Inhumans Black Bolt go to war with each other, pitting empire against empire. Both lives are lost and the backlash opens of The Fault, a tear in space and time. Through this tear, we find the "Cancerverse". A version of the Marvel universe where Death has been killed and pretty much everyone is a dark version of our heroes. And they're kinda dicks too. Over in Guardians, Adam Warlock has become his old, dark version of Magus (more cool old-school) and is helping his "master" from the Cancerverse come through. However, the Guardians have a secret weapon in a newly made and reborn Thanos. Finding a universe that does have an Avatar of Death, they must kill it and take over. Which lead us into...

2010 - The Thanos Imperative: Our space heroes must ally themselves with one of the most evil villains that the Marvel Universe has come across in the hope of stopping an evil Captain Marvel and his Revengers (all from the Cancerverse, if you didn't get that). Everybody and their mom is joining the fight, trying everything they can to stop the Cancerverse from taking over. You name a character that has to do with space and they are there. Traveling to the Cancerverse, Star-Lord, his Guardians and Thanos are hunting down the "source" of the problem. Drax, being an "avatar of life" in a universe where there is no Death, he becomes uncontrollable and Kills Thanos. End of issue 3...

Ya still with me? Good. My NB of the week comes from

The Thanos Imperative #4
Nova has put together what the fans are calling the Cosmic Avengers to try and fight Marvel directly. Included are Nova, Quasar (also back from the dead), Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator (new Emperor of the Shi'ar), Ronan and Silver Surfer (back to being the Herald of Galactus). This fight is bad-ass. These guys tear an new asshole into everything they see! If Marvel decided to do a fifth Avengers title of these guys, I'm there. But they are no match for this universe's Captain Marvel as he is able to hold them off long enough to find out that Thanos is back in their own universe and he high-tails it outta there. Back with the Guardians, Thanos, after being blown-up to nothing but a skeleton, regrows his body, finding out that Death has left him. "I can never return to the side of my true love". This dude is gonna be pissed. And to prove that point, he kills Drax. Much as I loved this newer take of Drax, Thanos is a bad mother and it was awesome! The issue ends with the Revengers back in the Cancerverse, gunning for Thanos and the Guardians, making me pee myself and giddy for the next issue.

And in case you wanted to read it all, everything is out there and collected in one form or another and I absolutely would recommend it. Marvel's space scene has never been this great.

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