Friday, September 17, 2010

Triple Clif-Notes: Devil - Easy A - The Town

Got three of the four movies that came out today watched so here are the reviews. I know I ramble on but so what? It's my blog. I do what I want.

In my opinion, this movie looked like it could be pretty good. I sadly think that the only reason people are crapping on it is because they put Shyamalan's name across the top. However, he only came up with the story. He didn't write or direct it, so ya can't really blame him for anything.
Devil tells the story of five people on an elevator, when shit starts going wrong and they all turn on each other. One of them appears to be the Devil, having some fun before he takes them to Hell. The movie definitely had some bad moments of acting and of dialogue, but it turned out pretty decent. Nothing spectacular to make it a "must see", but a good flick. If you're interested, I would say see it, but it's one that you could wait for.

Easy A

I was very surprised by this movie. Easy A stars Emma Stone (House Bunny, Zombieland) and is about her character dealing with all the talk that begins swirling in her high school after she pretends to have sex with her gay buddy to make people like him. Word spreads, more people need her help and she is suddenly the school floozy.
This movie was really funny. And I have no problem admitting it. It turned out to be one of those movies like House Bunny where it seems like only one kind of audience should really like it but it's a much more universal story than I thought it would be. It's been a while since I laughed this much at a movie and I recommend watching it. Great stuff.

The Town

The Town stars Ben Affleck as a robber who, after falling for a hostage he and his gang take, has to juggle the life he has with the life he wants.
This movie pretty much just blew me away. I thought this movie looked like it could be real good and it far exceeded that. To tell you how much I liked it, I even thought Affleck was great in it. Everyone was great in it. There was not one person in this movie that I thought did anything less than great. Affleck should actually stop acting in any movie he doesn't write or direct because those seem to be the only ones he's good in. This is only the third movie he (co)wrote behind Good Will Hunting and Gone Baby Gone and his second time directing, with Gone Baby Gone being his first. I never saw Good Will Hunting but I loved Gone and from the sound of things, Good was great too. Not too shabby of company to be with. I have a feeling that it won't be, but don't be surprised if this movie gets talk for the Oscars. And if you liked Jeremy Renner in The Hurl Locker, you're love him in this one. I think he may have been my favorite part but that's a hard choice to make. He at least had my favorite scene (which involves a shoot-out but it's toward the end so I won't tell ya any more. Go see this one. I know it's not going to be every one's favorite, but this is one I would say is worth going out and paying the money to see.

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