Friday, September 10, 2010

Clif-Notes: Resident Evil - Afterlife

As bad as the acting or effects were at points in the first three Evil movies, I really dig 'em. Fun movies and Milla Jovovich is super hot and is even hotter when she's kicking ass. Add in the 3D for this one, and I'm pretty much already sold.

If you have seen any of the other's, you're won't be surprised by anything in this one. They pretty much follow the same formula as the others, which is a little sad but I guess "when it's not broke" and what-have-you and I would probably like it less if it didn't have cheese. I enjoyed it. And the 3D looked great. It's another movie that I would say didn't need to be in 3D but if you're going for it, shoot it in it and make it look good and they did all that. So I give it my approval. You can easily wait until the regular 2D dvd comes out, but if you liked the others, I would say go see it 3D.