Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brain Tunes

Lord help me, I think the music that won't leave continues to get worse. I heard this song on VH1 one morning (I know. I was surprised to see that somebody still played music too) and I can't get it out. On the plus side, I actually think he has a good voice, mostly in the chorus, but at least it's not all bad. I actually think he has a weird connection in his voice like Michael Jackson had. Now, before you get mad, I'm not comparing him in the least in terms of having the power that Jackson had. But his voice is one that can hit all the pretty notes like the other crappy bubble-gum pop but I also think once that chorus hits he has a darker presence that also brings him a little above that. It's a weird thing that Jackson had and I think it's cool. But here is Bruno Mars. Proceed to make fun of me. I deserve it for this one.

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