Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jersey Shore Sucks

Call it morbid curiosity of just being dumb and lazy but I just watched ten minutes of this piece of shit show and want my money back. Not only are they horrible people that should be put down for all our sakes but they are HORRIBLE PEOPLE THAT SHOULD BE PUT DOWN FOR ALL OUR SAKES!!
What I saw was one of the dudes and his lady were leaving a bar and another man and his girlfriend were heckling them. Jersey Guy's girl started lipping off to the dude and Jersey Guy, while yelling at her to shut up, pushes her away. She gets pissy and storms off crying cuz she "will never be touched like that by a man ever again!" leaving Jersey Guy to fight with the drunken heckler.
I got news for all you ladies out there: if you start shit, you had better be ready to finish shit. If you are getting me in a fight, you had better hope that all I do is push you away. For some reason women think that just because they are women, they are safe to do whatever they want to men. Bullshit. I hate violence against women, first off. There are way too many abused women who just stand and take it, for whatever reason and the men behind that should be beaten worse then these Jersey people. But if you run your mouth and are just in general a bitch, you may need to get hit. Sorry. That's just how I feel. Equality In Disrespect. That's my motto.
But I digress. Jersey Shore sucks and nobody should ever want to emulate these people in any way.

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