Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NB of the Week

The New Avengers #7
After Siege, Marvel saw a relaunch of all their Avengers books, giving us Avengers and New Avengers back along with two new book, Secret Avengers and Avengers Academy. While I think Secret Avengers has been the best overall of the lot, this issue may just be the best reading issue. After a lengthy battle with Strange's teacher Agamotto, the New Avengers are just sit around and figure shit out. And that's the whole issue. It's Bendis doing what Bendis does best and that's making conversations feel real. Whether it's an argument over if Stephen Strange will stay with the team or interviews trying to find a nanny for Jessica and Luke's baby (which went to Squirrel Girl even after Wolverine's heartfelt speech, "Ok... I'll do it."), Bendis makes this over-fabricated characters feel real with every work. Maybe the two best moments went to Spider-Man. At one point, they find out that Commander Steve Rogers and the government will be paying them for their work as Avengers (which also had a great fight between Jessica and Luke over whether they would take it or not). Spider-Man, not being handed a check, knows he's screwed once again. Without revealing his identity to the government, they have no way of writing him a check. His frustration is great. Maybe the best moment, though, comes when he finds out their new government liaison also use to be Norman Osborn's assistant when he was in charge. He refuses to be a part of a team that would have her, only to have team leader Luke Cage tell him that is Steve vouches for her, that should be good enough. When every one tends to agree with that, he is left with a feeling that we have all had:
"But you see my problem now, though, right?"
"...... What?"
"I stood up like I was going to leave full of righteous indignation and now I don't want to and to just sit back down... Feels a little embarrassing."
"Go ahead. No one was listening."
"Thank you."
Oh Spidey. Will you're adventures outside of your own, crappy book ever cease to impress me?

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