Thursday, December 2, 2010

NB of the Week

Daredevil #512
3/4 of the books today were involved in Shadowland somehow, with this one being the best. But since it followed the ending of Shadowland #5, I must, absolutely must recap what happened first:
-Daredevil became leader of The Hand, seeking to reform them into a force of good
-Daredevil killed Bullseye after he destroyed a city block, killing 107 innocent people
-Daredevil Builds his fortress, Shadowland, on that same city block and starts waging war on most everyone. He appears much colder and more brutal than ever.
-Turns out he has been taken over by The Beast. An ancient demon who is Lord of the Hand.
-Daredevil's friends have tried to reason with him, to stop his reign of terror, but nothing is working.
-Iron Fist is able to hit him with a chi blast, connecting him to what is left of Matt Murdock in Murdock's body
-Through fear and self doubt, Murdock truly becomes a Man Without Fear, "killing" himself in his soul.
-Murdock's body goes missing
-All his friends are left wondering what happens now
-Kingpin takes over The Hand
Sadly, this is probably the quickest and smallest recap you will ever see from me. But now into Daredevil...
For reasons nobody understands, Shadowland still stands in the middle of Hell's Kitchen. "Ninja stuff" is all anybody knows about it. As the city tries to begin repairing the damage and figure out what to do, a warrant is issued for the arrest of Matthew Michael Murdock for being the cause of it all. That is, if they can find him and if they can prove it. More over, Foggy and Becky (Murdock's law partners) part ways as she refuses to forgive Matt for this. She tells Foggy it's time to stop carrying him and start his own, solo firm. Foggy stays behind, not wanting to leave his best friend in this time of need, but not certain it would do any good if he does. Even more over, Cage and Iron Fist patrol the "unprotected" streets, looking for DD. Just when they think they have found him, it turns out it's actually Black Panther, claiming Hell's Kitchen is now his neighborhood and that they should "spread the word" (which is my least favorite part. DD Reborn is a coming mini but the book Daredevil changes to Black Panther: Man Without Fear. Because Marvel needs two books out there with a Black Panther in it, even if the other one is his sister. Bullshit.). And as everyone is left with questions wondering what will happen to to HK and Daredevil, we are left with Murdock doing his best Bill Bixby impersonation, walking down a desolate road with his knapsack over his shoulder, traveling "Down a long and lonely road, paved with good intentions."
Overall, Shadowland felt a little rushed and like some things were left out for time and spacing but through it all, the DD title tie-ins were great character stuff and this one was a great close-off to everything. I have no interest in the BP Man Without Fear crap, but am really intrigued with DD Reborn to see what kind of Hell Matt puts himself through in order to find what he will consider redemption. Great stuff and worth the read, even if it felt sloppy at points.

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