Friday, December 17, 2010

Late NB of the Week

Uncanny X-Force #3
A few years ago, Marvel relaunched the 90's title of X-Force but with a new spin. After mutants became an endangered species again, Cyclops took it upon himself to make a black-ops team lead by Wolverine that will do whatever is necessary in order to help keep them alive, and not have it tied to the X-Men (because Wolverine is so incognito that nobody would connect him from the four teams he was on...). Once word got out that this team was indeed sanctioned by Cyclops, feelings were hurt and what have you and Cyclops decided to end it. And to his knowledge, it was. However, Wolverine liked the idea and figures that they still need this team to survive.
Thus the birth of the newer book, Uncanny X-Force. I decided to give it a shot thanks to he writer, and have been impressed every issue in. Joining Wolverine is Deadpool (cuz he has to be everywhere, though I actually do like him in this one), Fantomex, co-captain Archangel and Psylock (in an attempt to keep Angel's Horseman of Death persona from taking over completely). Their first mission? Apocalypse has been reborn and they have to kill him before it's too late. The problem? He is in the body of a child and does not fully reflect the ideas that Apocalypse is known for having. However, they believe he will at some point and who wouldn't kill Hitler as a child if they could, right?
This issue picks up with Apocalypse's newest Horsemen having "defeated" the team. We get brief histories of the four new baddies as they kinda just stand around and taunt X-Force, while Psylock and Fantomex (both have psychic abilities) slowly but surely weasel their way around their minds. After some small battles, the Horsemen take Psylock away to the lair to keep her out of range from her team, where Ozymandias (Apocalypse's right hand man) is preparing for their departure, thinking they have no reason to oblige Force in their mission. As the other members of Force finally get themselves in a position to do something, it's too late and the lair is gone. Only thing is, they have no idea that Psylock seems to have let herself get grabbed, leaving us with a last page of her entering Kid Apocalypse's room, her sword in hand.
Pretty much any book that can make Psylock a total bad-ass is awesome but writer Rick Remender has done the impossible. Has made me like three characters that I otherwise hated while making a damn good spy/espionage book. This team may just be the best X-team since Whedon was on Astonishing. I'm amazed at how great this book really is. If you wanna try a new X-book with a new flavor, grab what ya can of this one while it's still somewhat available.

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