Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NB of the Week

Green Arrow #7
The best part of this new Arrow relaunch is that they are finally just making him Robin Hood. After being revealed to the world as Ollie Queen (again...?) he has been cast out for the murder of Prometheus. They love him for what he's done but have to hold him accountable for murder like anyone else and their justice was to say that he can never come back to Star City. But things kinda worked out a little. After the devastation that ripped his city apart, Green Lantern had his Blackest Night shindig and in the explosion center of Star, there is now a mysterious star shaped forest where Arrow now hides from the law. He has since met a new stranger named Galahad (claiming to be that Galahad, yes) and teasers have shown other mystery figures coming at some point to be his "Merry Men". However, a lady his dad had a fling with is now taking over Star City using the name Queen and it's sending him in all kinds of angry directions. And thus we come to this issue.
After finding this new Queen had stolen his dead mother's wedding ring, he took it back and is soon visited by his dead mother. The cover calls her the "Lady of the Forest" but she disappears by the end so who knows if she will return. But her presence was direct. Olliver Queen must stop holding his past against himself. His guilt and his anger and his Lone-Gunman approach is all from guilt that he needn't carry around. As cliche as the premise might sound, it was an amazingly written issue with a very brash message for our angry hero. Great issue and I'm real excited for what things this book will bring next.

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  1. I just read Green Arrow: Quiver over the holidays, and it kicked my butt. I'd be willing to read more Emerald Archer stuff.