Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Great Show Dies

There are a lot of tv shows that get made in order to keep us glued to our sets and spend money on the crap they show us. Odds are not that great that a show will be grabbed for season upon season, year after year, but it seems like a lot of great ones get axed long before they should have. Firefly, The Tick, Arrested Development, Dollhouse. And now United States of Tara.
USoT was the story of Tara Gregson and how she and her family dealt with her Dissociative Identity Disorder. It stared Toni Collette as Tara and all of her "alters" including a dude named Buck, a teen whore named "T" and and a June Cleaver-type house-wife named Alice. This show was great. The family was messed up and mean and vulgar and they had real problems and they were real people that we all related to. Everyone knows one of the characters on this show. It's quite amazing. And now it's over.
So pick up the DVDs. Or rent 'em. Or download 'em. I don't mind which way but this show deserves to be watched.

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