Monday, May 9, 2011

Clif-Notes: Fast Five

My Fast and Furious knowledge doesn't really go that far. I was dragged to the first one when it came out by my friend Bryan and his friend Joe who didn't tell me we were going to Blackfoot to watch it and who also didn't tell me they were just trying to hook up with some ladies they had met while working at A&W. Not the best of starts but I digress. It was just ok. I liked it to a point but also didn't really care much about it. Never saw 2 Fast, Tokyo or Fast Furious Four.
Fast Five tells of the "old gang" coming back for one last ride. Running from the law, Dom, his sister Mia and ex-cop Brian run through the streets of Rio from The Rock and his badass crew of badasses.
This is one of those movies where (in case the trailers didn't already tell ya this) a lot of action happens and that's all you have. And all you need. Fast car chases, awesome fighting and hot women. It really is the cliched guy-flick and I enjoyed it.
Not part of the movie, one of the best moments in my movie life came from a little kid. As Dom is yelling at one of the crew "Get Out!". After that line, there is a stare-down between everyone and at that silent moment, some little kid maybe two rows back yells "Get Out!". I was kinda sold at that point. Even this little kid got the simplicity of it all but also got that it's fun. You can certainly wait for dvd on this one but I would actually recommend getting it in the theaters if ya get the chance. No rush though.

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