Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NB of the Week

Heroes For Hire #7
Last issue, we had out new status quo and a run in with Spider-Man. This issue we get more of that but with some of the best dialogue I have read in a while, especially from Spider-Man (cuz Amazing Spider-Man is a crap book, no matter what I keep reading online).
Paladin is the lone Hero right now and hates Spidey. Spidey hates that Paladin works for money but is willing to help out as he fights Batroc The Leaper. There wasn't a whole lot to this issue. Spidey tracks the shipment to a warehouse, Paladin shows up injured to help, they find out a bunch of crap is going on when they thought it wasn't and Spidey must now fight the new(ish) Scorpion and some dinosaurs. Your typical hero gigs. As I said, though, this issue was great because of the dialogue. Our very fist words spoken are Control (Misty Knight) to Spidey:
"Hello hero. This is Control. You're awful quiet. Everything okay?" "Shhhht! I'm being sneaky."
He then refers to himself and his following of the bad guys as Han Solo as he and The Falcon hid on the Star Destroyer.
Our very fist page of Paladin is him trying to take a taxi to the warehouse and the driver just wants to figure out which hero he is:
"Are you that Spider-Man?"
"Are you sure?"
"I think I would be."
"But you are one of those costumed hero guys?"
"I guess."
"So, are you Moon Knight?"
"No. He's taller. Wears white."
"Are you Power Man?"
"He's bigger. And Blacker."
"Ghost Rider then? You gotta be!"
"Does my head look like it's on fire?"
"Black Cat?"
"Are you just saying names?"
By the time he finally makes it to the warehouse with Spidey, he's just in time to see him being locked in a cage with the baddies that I mentioned above. Last page is Misty Knight pulling out a gun with the cliched "If you want something done right" speech.
DnA are some of the finest writers out there, in case you haven't already figures it out. Amazing. Go check out all of their space stuff and then come check out this book. They deserve your attention and your hard-earned money.

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  1. this book is awesome i started picking it up at #4. Abnett & Lanning seemed to have an easier time of writing this street level action adventure between Misty Knight, Paladin & Spiderman then they did with The Annihilators. and let me tell ya i've had plenty to say about the Annihilators both good and bad: