Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Not So Supernatural Ending

The season six ending to Supernatural was yesterday. I won't get into the details since I know some of you still need to watch the season but I will voice my main frustration with it:
What happened to the supernatural stuff?!
When angels were brought in, it made sense. We've been getting demons and, logically, that should mean angels exist in this world too. However, the last three seasons have been primarily angels vs. demons and that's not the show that I fell in love with. I enjoy it greatly still but I miss the hunting. I miss monsters and myths and legends being hunted down, city by city. Instead, I get angels and demons fighting over souls from purgatory, deciding who will be the next God and rule it all. Sam and Dean should stick with humans and fight the things that aren't miles above their heads with power. They need something they can kill with a shotgun. They need to be able to hide with the help of salt in the doorways. That's what made this show.
So please change it back. I will keep watching in the hope that the hunt begins again but please start changing back.

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