Thursday, May 5, 2011

Clif-Notes: Thor

Where do I start with this one...
Thor tells the story of the God of Thunder as he is stripped of his powers and cast out of Asgard to Earth. I'm assuming most everyone who knows of my blog are probably a comic geeks so we will skip the drag-ons.
This movie was amazing. Plain and simple. I admit to being pretty stoked for this movie for some time so there could be a bias there but this movie blew me away. I dare say that this may be the best Marvel movie since X2 or Spider-Man. Chris Hemsworth was great as the Odinson. A lot of us were thinking crazy things when they announced him being cast and a lot of us are wrong. Easily the best actor in the movie for me. As newsarama put it,
"It would have been easy to play an arrogant god as a one-note caricature rather than a fleshed-out character, but the key to pulling it off is Hemsworth’s (and the screenwriter’s) decision to have Thor really enjoy being Thor."
You believe this is Thor. This is exactly how he would look and act and just be if he were really in front of us. The same writer said that he found Hemsworth to be a "truer" Thor than Downey Jr was as Iron Man. Little tough for me to agree with but damned if I wouldn't put him at the top of a list with him.
And Tom Hiddleston was amazing as Loki. The subtlety of his performance was brilliant. His ability to have such a convincing demeanor and yet show the audience in his face how full of shit he really is. You believe what he says even though you know you shouldn't.
I honestly can't say enough about this movie. I loved it. Go see it. Maybe skip the 3D but if you don't see it eventually, you are stupid and probably read comics by Gail Simone.


  1. Why can't I buy tickets for this movie on Fandango, yet! (Not yelling at you) I sooo want to see this.

  2. Not sure. I can get it from here and I know it's in the system. You can go in and buy them too, if that works.

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