Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Clif-Notes: Dylan Dog

Dylan Dog is the story of Dylan, the human that the supernatural world has appointed as the peacekeeper. Dylan has been retired for a little while but has to come back after a werewolf attack leaves too many unanswered questions for his liking.
Dylan Dog to me was a like Bubba Ho-Tep: Not really a good movie but ya still enjoy the hell out of it. Dylan had bad acting and silly plot-threads. Routh, though a dreamboat, is easily the worst part of the movie and Sam Huntington was the main thread that saved it all. And (trying not to ruin the ending just in case...) the big battle at the end was extremely anti-climactic. Here's my main example of this movie. Dylan goes to Taye Diggs (a vampire) looking for answers. He opens the blinds on a wall, then opens the bedroom door across from them. As Diggs scrambles up in bed, burning from the light, Dylan continually steps in front of the light and back out as a torture method to get answers. No only do the hands of Diggs not burn when he tries to cover his face (small but stupid), but he's not smart enough to realize that HE'S IN BED AND HAS SHEETS HE CAN PULL OVER HIMSELF! Little tiffs like that were throughout the movie.
That being said, I come back to my original statement. This movie was pretty fun. You will not love this movie. You may even hate it. But this was pure fun for me and we need these movies around too. Wait for a cheap rental but I say you should see it eventually.


  1. I'd probably think this movie is the greatest thing ever, huh?

  2. Probably not the greatest ever, but I think you would enjoy it, yeah.