Thursday, May 5, 2011

NB of the Week

Due to a shipping error, I just got and read comics today so get off my back...

Uncanny X-Force #9
Man do I love me some Remender X-Force. In this stand alone issue, Magneto shows up at the headquarters of Force with a picture of a Nazi and a request for Wolverine
"Why can't you do it"
"Because I'm asking you to do it."
Fantomex gives Logan the use of EVA as he grabs his samurai sword and heads to Rio De Janeiro. In a secluded cottage in the middle of the jungle, he comes across an old man who tells him the full truth: after the war he ran from that life. He met a lovely lady whom he married and lived a long life with until she dies, never knowing the real monster he once was. He knew this day would come. As Wolverine raises the sword, the old man gives him one final goodbye,
"No man outruns his past. I hope you will try and remember that... When your victims come for you."
We're left with Wolverine cleaning blood from his sword and blood-splettered photo of the old man and his wife.
I've ranted about this book before and it still blows me away. Remender is brilliant on this book and you should read it.

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