Friday, May 13, 2011

My Main Man Jackie Chan

I decided I wanted to go through all my Jackie Chan movies. The non-American ones. I love me the Rush Hour series and Karate Kid and all that, but to really see the progression of his acting and his fighting, those won't work. So I'ma try to alternate the 45 movies from oldest to newest and back. I started with the earliest movie of his I have...

The Killer Meteors (1976)
The Killer Meteor (Yu Wang) is hired by the evil Wa Wu-Bin (Chan, in a rare villain role) to steal an antidote from his more evil wife. She has been poisoning him for many years as a power play and Wu-Bin has had enough. Before getting to her, though, Killer Meteor must make his way through her four bodyguards and her deadly weapon that melts people into puddles (though, all they actually do is dress a kid up to look like they have shrunk and then show the clothing with goo sticking out).
This is not really the best movie to showcase Chan. He has a ten minute scene, thirty minutes into the movie and then a final fight towards the end where he battles Meteor. Everything else is Killer Meteor running around. This movie actually had a lot of unnecessary "twists" just to try and throw people off the trail. At one point, Chan is also poisoned and melts into nothing, only to return 10 minutes later. It was all a ruse and he is tricky like that. The movie is old enough that you almost have to forgive how cheesy and bad it is but it's my kinda bad. I love bad dubbing (an essential for any Chan movie) and I love fighting so it goes perfect. Fun to watch if you're a fan of these types of movies but not much of you're just a Chan Fan.

Up Next: Shinjuku Incident

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