Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NB of the Week

Flashpoint #1 (Spoilers Ahead For Anybody Who May Be Reading This Title)
We started DC's next big event in the pages of Flash this week. With the return of Professor Zoom, we are getting Flashpoint. A DC universe that we have never seen before.
Barry Allen is suddenly in a world he doesn't know. His mother is alive, he and Iris were never together and, worst of all, he's not the Flash. In the midst of all this, we are introduced to out new batch of heroes. Batman is chasing down a chick named Yo-Yo, looking for the Joker who has apparently kidnapped Judge Dent's twin daughters. When she doesn't give him any answers he likes, he simply throws her off the roof to die. However, Cyborg saves her at the last minute and turns her over to the cops. He begins to ask Batman for his help. Emperor Aquaman killed over one hundred million people when he sank Eastern Europe. Wonder Woman and the Amazons killed over thirty-two million when they took the United Kingdom as their New Themyscira. If they can't all join forces to stop them, they will both destroy the world as they fight for it. Everyone is ready to join up until the famed Batman says no, at which point they feel it will fail without him and back out, leaving Cyborg all by his lonesome (which is apparently a consistent in any DC Universe). Meanwhile, Barry knows where he can find answers and that's also with Batman. As he arrives at Wayne Manor, he walks through the house seeing nobody. He makes his way down to the Batcave, looking for him. As Batman doesn't like to be found, he attacks Barry. As He starts calling Batman Bruce, he stops. Looking confused Batman says "Bruce is dead. I watched him die." leaving us with a final page of Barry figuring out that this Batman is actually Thomas Wayne.
We're kind of just thrust into this world. We know that Reverse Flash is causing this to happen, but we don't know how yet. Instead, we just have a semi-cliched story: Hero awakes in a world that completely different and nobody knows who he is. Very basic and broad but what makes this one work already are the changes themselves. I love that Aquaman and Wonder Woman are are war, trying to take over the world. I love that Batman kills those that don't help him. And I love that it looks like it was Martha and Bruce who were killed, leaving Thomas to become the Batman. As I said, the premise is pretty old and used but when you throw a great writer like Geoff Johns onto it, it takes a whole new turn and hopefully it will be for the better.

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