Friday, May 27, 2011

Kelly Sue DeConnick

I've been trying to get caught up on all the comics I still have to read (which is a damn lot of reading) and I finally got to the mini from Marvel, Osborn. It's a five-issue story about Norman Osborn being carted off after he was ousted from SHIELD/HAMMER and arrested. It's written by fairly new writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. Don't let the hillbilly sounding name fool you. This series has been pretty damn good (though I am only through 4 of the 5 issues). In it, a reporter has been taken captive by Osborn and his criminal gang as they are attempting to escape an underwater prison the "doesn't exist". Issue four started out with said reporter's thoughts on her current situation and I had to share her words with everyone (and before you read this, I'm not claiming it's how I feel, only that I loved these words to start out this issue):

"My grandmother was a deeply religious woman. And maybe a little schizophrenic. She heard the voice of God out loud. When Gran said God was watching us, she meant it literally. My concept of our lord and savior developed as something less like Santa Claus and more like Rutger Hauer in "The Hitcher".
God, to me, was the Boogeyman. And anyone with any sense eventually outgrows the Boogeyman.
So I don't play pretend. I don't go lobbying some great puppet master in the sky who, if he does exist, certainly has more important things to attend to than whether or not I get to work. I don't put stock in fortune tellers or brownies or devils--
Or I didn't, until I saw one with my own eyes.
I guess what I'm saying is, if a devil like Osborn can exist, then given nature's fondness for balance...
Then maybe... Maybe there's a cause to be made for Santa Clause."

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