Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NB of the Week

War of the Green Lanterns
(Thar be spoilers ahead....)
All three Lantern books came out this week (Lantern, Corps and Emerald Warriors) giving us parts 7-9 of the 10 part story. Everything was nice and connected with these issues so it would be a shame to separate them into which was the more exciting issue.
In part seven, we have Hal and Guy trying their best to break into the Green Power Battery and releasing Parallax so that the Corps can be released from the clutches of Krona's mind. With three parts still after this issue, it's a safe bet it wouldn't happen. Outta the blue come Krona and the Guardian Entities to stop them. After some cool fighting, Krona gets Guy and Hal chained up and dressed in Guardian robes. He begins to tell them that they are the most powerful ones and that they shall be turned into his new Guardians and rule the universe by his side.
Part eight next begins with Kyle and John going after Mogo. Under the control of Krona, Mogo is sending out GL rings in abundance to build a new army. They race to it's heart/ring in the hope that Kyle, while now a Blue Lantern, can heal it's mind and release it. As he tries, they are attacked by other GLs and soon discover that Mogo has all the Black power from Blackest Night still stored inside him. John, in being an Indigo Lantern now, does the only thing he can think of. He siphons out the Black energy and takes aim at Mogo. With the utterance "God forgive me." john fires, blowing Mogo up and killing it in the process.
With Mogo now dead, the connection Krona was using through him takes a hard hit. It allows Hal and Guy to break free of their chains, grab Ganthet and eventually run into John and Kyle as they teleported away from the blast. They all join forces to break out Parallax but it's not working. Ganthet awakens just in time to give them the other Rings that are not being used, giving Hal a second one in Avarice and guy a second one in Love, and they unleash in what is one of the coolest panels of the whole story so far (as seen to the left). Sadly, just as Ganthet came to, so did the other Lanterns and, still under control, they won't let them finish the job. Ganthet tells Guy it's up to him. That he wields the "two extreme rings" and that he may be their last chance. Guy must feel his deepest love and his deepest hate in order to do this. His hate of his rage and his love for the Corps. Busting out Parallax frees the other GLs from Krona and turns the table. On the last page, we get the set-up for all the Corps against Krona and the Guardian Entities.
I have been pleasantly surprised by this story. It's has a lot more cohesion and fluid writing than I was giving it credit for at the start. Other than there apparently only being one Earth Lantern to our sector after this, I have no idea what will happen by story's end and I love that. It's safe to assume that Hal lives and we've seen Guy on covers after this but who knows what will happen. I personally wouldn't mind seeing John or Kyle giving their life to save the day. One of them should go out with a blaze of glory. Guess we'll find out next month when the final part comes out.

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